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Cost of living is sky high so we’ve made it our mission to get meat to South Aussies at a price they can afford.

At $189 for a whole sheep cut up in bulk we believe it’s the cheapest sheep meat you can buy in Australia. Buying meat in bulk is the most economical way to do it. These Merinos are in Prime Condition.

The price of sheep has jumped a lot since Christmas which is brilliant for the farmers. We purchased these sheep before the price rise and we are keeping our sale price to you the same. We are not increasing the cost to reflect current prices. We are passing that saving onto you.

You get …

A whole Merino cut into roasts and chops. And shanks and a bag of cuts for the dog!

The sheep are 16-18 month Merinos from SA. This age of sheep is called a hogget which is a juvenile sheep. After 12-14 months a lamb stops being called a lamb and is referred to as hogget. This age of sheep is the preferred age for many customers and when we grow out our sheep at the farm this is the age we process.

Once purchased you’ll be sent an email with collection dates which are for next week! Please be patient as it takes us a couple of days to sort the collection groups.

After your last collection day your Merino will be frozen if not collected. These Merinos will SELL OUT at this price so make sure you are able to collect this before you proceed as there will be no refunds! COLLECTION DAYS ARE LIMITED!

Enjoy the meat and know that every chop you eat is supporting

SA farmers
Four small family butcher shops
SA truck drivers and
SA processors

Enjoy! xxxx

**** You will be required to collect your order from a designated butcher, either in the Adelaide Hills or Campbelltown and you will need to drive to collect it (please note - unfortunately we cannot take requests for specific butchers or change your collection location once it’s been allocated due to supply chain issues), once you have received an email stating your pickup dates and location. You can get friends or family to collect on your behalf. These will not be refunded for change in mind or if you are unable to collect.
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