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Rangeland Goat Bulk Buy

Rangeland Goat Bulk Buy

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We are beyond excited to offer South Aussies the CHEAPEST GOAT MEAT in Australia that we can find ANYWHERE!!

Cosi here! We are so excited as we have been working on this for nearly a year and I can finally say the sentence that I have wanted to say to you all for so long....

WHO WANTS TO SCORE A FULL GOAT FOR $129. YES $129!! This is not only the lowest price in AUSTRALIA, but as far as we can find online, it’s the lowest price in USA and the whole of EUROPE!! And we can offer it to you South Aussies!

For only $129. Yup $129 you get a whole Free-Range Goat sourced from all across South Australia, cut up in bulk ready to fill your freezer. Numbers will be limited, so it’s first in best dressed and we apologise to anyone who misses out on this sale!!!

Here’s what you will receive:

- Back legs in halves giving you four roasts on the bone
- Loin chops for stews and slow cooking and two shanks
- The rest cut up into curry size pieces on the bone (perfect for low and slow cooking)
- Plus any leftover offcuts


Afterpay is now available for those who would like to use it for this too!

Please note delivery is impossible at these prices. You will have a week window to collect your goat (YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF YOUR ORDER). Collection will be from a butcher store in Campbelltown, Gepps Cross or Woodside and you will be allocated one of these locations.

People are collecting goats in groups each week and you will be notified of what your collection dates are and what group you are in. Please be patient, as depending on what group number you are it might be a couple of weeks before you are notified to collect your goat.

Please do not head into the butcher’s shops prior to receiving the instructions email. From your time of purchase, we anticipate that all of you will have collected your goats within 3 weeks.

For those who have cooked goat before, you know just how yummy the meat is, for those who haven’t you need to do your research to choose recipes that are suited to goat, as you need to cook it differently to lamb. LOW AND SLOW cooking makes for melt in your mouth goat meals.

We have had a lot of emails from people in regional SA who are asking us can we deliver, which at this point and price, sadly we can’t. BUT at $129 we suggest you ask around your workplace, neighbours and family and then one of you put in an order for all the goats and send one person down to collect the lot and distribute back home. We are seeing more and more regional SA people doing this.

We are delighted to yet again be supporting local SA farmers, Local SA butchers and most importantly provide you guys a source of meat that you can buy without breaking the bank.

Thanks for being involved

Enjoy the meat

Cosi xxx

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